Natalie O’Dell is the artist and designer behind chez la mariée. While planning her own wedding as an art history graduate student, Natalie wanted an invitation suite that was unique, meaningful, and artistic. When she couldn’t find that anywhere, she decided to do it herself! A few years later, she began creating stationery for other couples and
chez la mariée (French for “the bride’s place”) was born.

At the core of chez la mariée is the belief that art has a place in all aspects of life, particularly in the celebration of special events like marriage.

We work closely with our clients to create fine-art hand lettering and paper goods that commemorate life events in a meaningful and unique way. Natalie’s background in studio art and art history infuses every aspect of her designs with purposeful artistry. Each written, drawn, or painted line works together as part of a unified whole that conveys information and evokes feeling. Your event begins with the invitation, so it’s important that it reveals more than just the date and time. Stationery by chez la mariée will reflect the tenor and aesthetic of your celebration as well as your personality and unique story.

If you’re interested in working with Natalie or learning more about her process,
please get in touch!

Natalie lives in Lexington, Virginia, with her husband Wesley and daughter Madeleine. When she isn’t painting or calligraphing, she can be found watching Instagram videos
of dachshunds and drinking too much coffee.